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Did Limiting Beliefs About Money Make Me a Millionaire?

We begin forming beliefs about money as we take in the sights and sounds of our parents handling financial matters. If our …

Wealth Management Money is Coming For Crypto

This week saw the first Bitcoin ETF become available in the United States. I figured the fanfare for this one would be …

Retire in Grand Style? Is it Possible

In the past few years, the non-financial side of retirement planning has been the most popular topic of conversation among my fellow solo agers.

Budget Percentages That You Can Follow for Your Own Personal or Household Budget

At the end of the month, do you look at your bank account balance and wonder where all the money went? If …

3 Reasons Why Philanthropy is Good for Business

As women with our own business, it’s a constant juggling act, am I right?! With family and business, you work really hard to get everything done. Your hard work pays off and you come to a place where you feel great about your business. It feels good. Months, dollars and clients later, you realize something […]
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This paper ‘Explaining the demise of value investing’ reminds me of this one, from 2006: ‘The recent behaviour of financial market volatility’. …

Tesco fails in accident management over my car insurance claim

It’s been very difficult after it dropped a cage from a lorry on the back of my vehicle Back in May, a …

The Best Tools Any Affiliate Marketer Needs in Their Toolbox

Struggling to make those sales? Maybe you don’t have the right tools. Here’s how to fill up your toolbox.

6 Tips for CEOs to Master Work-Life Balance

For many CEOs, workdays mostly consist of managing an almost endless stream of emergencies. It can be difficult for them to find …

Beekeeper Raises $45 Million

Plus, two new platforms help track behavior of children with special needs and the safety of your own home.