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The Ordinary Taxpayer’s Guide To The Extraordinary Story Of Trump’s Tax Returns

No matter how many times I’ve been asked today to offer my “take” on the returns, I can’t give a more honest answer than, “I haven’t seen the returns.”

What It’s Like Living In A Food Desert

I moved to Alaska for my first job after graduating from law school in 2018. While not a complete newcomer, I was excited to learn all about the 49th state. After living here over a year and making it through a full winter, I’ve found that living in Anchorage brings a privilege that the rest […]
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Financial Independence Has To Do With More Than The Money You Save

While financial independence is seen as the result of self-determination and individuality, it actually is a symbol of privilege. Without basic rights, …

We Just Bought This Site – Here’s Our Plan

The Complete Guide to Sinking Funds

Terrible at saving up for things ahead of time? Learn how using sinking funds can transform how you save up for upcoming purchases!
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COVID Life, Fire, And Ice

I have a feeling that the world will shut down again soon, so we’ve been battening down the hatches. We bought extra computers and set up the girls with desks in their bedrooms. I’ve also been trying to complete remodeling projects at warp speed in case Longmont stops building inspections. I’ve had little time to […]
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