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Are You Running a Fear-Based Business?

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or in the process of running and building your own business, it’s likely you’re well-acquainted with the F-word. It conjures up all of those negative images of potential failure, decisions gone wrong, and mistakes waiting to happen. Nobody likes to admit that they use it, and we all feel a […]
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Keith is a Partner at Khosla Ventures and early investor in YouTube, Yelp, Yammer and Airbnb. Below are some investing lessons from our session with Keith. Invest in deals that are uniquely suited to you Investing is generally an efficient market, so you should focus on deals where you have a proprietary advantage. Whenever Keith […]
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4 Paths to Becoming a Millionaire

They also had four things in common:

They typically had a middle-class income (many reached a six-figure salary early in their career, and if they didn’t, they lived very frugally.)
They had a low cost of living and preferred to save, rather than spend lavishly.
They saved 20% or more of their income.
They started investing their savings early in life and continued to do so prudently for many years.

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