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Got Damage? Claiming A Casualty Loss After A Hurricane Is Trickier After Tax Reform

In years past, taxpayers who suffered an economic loss due to a natural disaster like a hurricane could claim a deduction on their federal income tax return.

What Happens If Housing Prices Fall 20%?

Nationwide price declines in the housing market are relatively rare. Since 1987, there have been just three times when the Case-Shiller National …

4-Step Guide to Diversifying Your Investments

Practical guide to diversifying your portfolio

Scribd Vs Audible On the News

The article came out at a perfect time as millions of people have been stuck at home for weeks because of the quarantine and many are looking for ways to educate and entertain themselves during self-isolation. Audiobooks can help to reduce stress, ease anxiety, and they are great for learning and can teach you new skills very fast.

13 Affordable Places to Retire in 2020

Looking for a great low-cost-of-living area for retirement? Here are some of the best options in the U.S. for a comfortable retirement.

An Unfortunate Story About A Motorcycle License

Remember the book, Series of Unfortunate Events? It’s similar to that except it involves an adult (party of one), a motorcycle class, and a test.

June Bloom or Gloom? The Monthly Money Results

June bloom or gloom, how did my finances grow? There is magic in the changing of the seasons and my budget felt a bit magical this month.