About Financial Independence Forum

Thank you so much for connecting with me for the Financial Independence Forum Show/Podcast.  We’ll call it FIRE Forum Podcast for short. 🙂

I wanted to start our conversation here over email first to get warmed up a bit and for you also to get to know me.  With that said, my intention to tell you about me is only to help you get a better feel for what I’m all about, why I’m running this forum and doing this podcast with interviewees just like you.

Just a little about myself:

I’m Eugene, I come from a lower-middle class background and grew up in the suburbs of Ontario, Canada.  Growing up, money was tight and my parents didn’t exactly have a healthy relationship with money.  They weren’t gamblers or swindlers but they struggled to get their footing at times when the economy was bad.  My parents were not very ambitious and I think it was from their frustrations that I subconsciously knew I needed to be better with my career and my money.

I was good in school, went to study engineering in college and graduated right when the Global Financial Crisis hit.  The next few years were the lost years for me and I struggled to also gain footing while learning how to navigate using the money that I’m earning to invest, to save, to plan for the future.

Fast forward a few years, I had been in a career for 8 years, as decently paid for my time with money, but unsatisfied.  The job often took me on the road and was very lonely at times — away from friends and family.  Worst still, the job was able unstable, I was on contracts that latest only months, I was laid off because the mega-project I was hired for was cancelled, I’ve had horrible bosses (I can share with you and our audience more on that later) and been suffocated with bureaucracies of the corporate world.

Then I listened to a podcast.  This one podcast episode changed my life.  That’s the first part of my why for doing a podcast of my own and on the same topic where people can hear about how others are doing their own version of FIRE.

The podcast guest was promoting a startup mastermind group and after struggling to decide if I should just bit the bullet, and started my journey into entrepreneurship.

I had no prior business experience, I didn’t really know what business was all about and in fact I had the mindset from my parents that business is bad — after all the business that laid me off and gave me a hard time were the culprits in my story thus far.

But the message of financial freedom was so compelling that I made the leap that day and 8 months later I had paying customers that started my journey to creating a software solution that people still use to this day.

I learned something important on that first day and till now — the financial freedom is the consequence of delivering something of value to the people, customers, users, groups you serve.  And the value is exchanged with money to you, but is increased by the amount of true value to give to others first.

So while these past few paragraphs are really about me, I really wanted to highlight that my journey has been inspired to be the conduit for those others like me a few years ago.  They say that the best people to be mentors are those that are only a few steps ahead of the people behind them.  I haven’t achieved FIRE yet but I’m well on my way and I know the virtues of being able to use a medium and forum like mine to amplify and reach others who need their own way of finding FIRE or just finding financial stability.

One thing that’s clear in my heart is that I’m not (yet) selling anything.  I want my audience on the forum and this podcast to hear the folks on this journey into FIRE and I hope that you’ll let me tell your story to inspire others to do the same (in the way that they choose).

Of the bottom line is that goal is to share stories of EarlyFire or those just starting FIRE, those having achieved it and how they did it in the hopes that someone can hear our FIRE Forum Podcast or read one article from this forum that will help them change their life.

We hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I do and also enjoy the personal stories of FIRE in our FIRE Forum Podcast.

Cheers, Eugene Ting