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Ally Turned Personal Finance Into A Game Of Augmented Reality Monopoly

Ally Turned Personal Finance Into A Game Of Augmented Reality Monopoly

Career Advice You Wouldn’t Want to Have Your Name One

Is there any career advice you’d be hesitant to give if it were going to be attributed to you?

How you heard of CLEO before?

Apparently it’s the fastest fintech app in history to grow users. And it helps you to manage your money? What do you guys think about this?

Over the Past 3 Years, Seed Investments Have Declined — Why?

Chang Xu and Mark Suster explore this trend
Seems like Deals less than $5 million dollars have dried up a bit)
One reason is that IPOs of late have funnel monies there rather than on the lower end
Money is chasing quality companies now rather than perhaps companies that are not “best-in-class”

How Not To Starve While Becoming a Writer

Details how an author makes money.
Don’t quit your day job.
Make sure you get a bigger cut
Get an agent!

Debt Affect Your Quality Of Life (Strategies To Fix It)

Dr. Breathe Easy Finance shows you how credit card debt is good and bad for financial independence.

Arbitrage is the Easiest Way to Make Money — Found Out How from Financial Samurai

Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more assets or markets, and profiting until the price difference disappears. Being able to recognize and then take advantage of kinks in the system will be one of your greatest catalysts towards financial freedom.