Visualize how many weeks left you have in your life

Talk about real. FI is great to achieve but this is why everyday counts and why it’s important to know we’ve all have an expiry. Good to remind yourself from time to time and perhaps don’t sweat the details.

4 Paths to Becoming a Millionaire

They also had four things in common:

They typically had a middle-class income (many reached a six-figure salary early in their career, and if they didn’t, they lived very frugally.)
They had a low cost of living and preferred to save, rather than spend lavishly.
They saved 20% or more of their income.
They started investing their savings early in life and continued to do so prudently for many years.

Automation is coming for your banking job

Automation is coming for your banking job — how do you feel about that?


“A Conservative government will fix the stress test to make sure first time homebuyers can get access to a mortgage.” And with those twenty words young Andrew Scheer, all dimpled and determined, made it official. Full speed astern. The thrusters are reversed. Let’s party like it’s 2016. Blackface meets clownface. What a sad corner this […]

The dilemma

Justin Trudeau’s yellow Lab. Tim’s 41 and his wife 36. “We are Toronto poor,” he laments. Poor is relative. Poor is how you feel, not just what you possess. So, yes, Tim is poor. “We earn just over $100k annually before taxes, rent a home for $2250 a month, we both finally paid off the […]

The matrix

  By Guest Blogger Doug Rowat It’s been a great year for markets and most investors could probably rhyme off their 2019 winners at the drop of a hat—“my junior mining stocks are killing it!” It’s fun to brag. However, what’s less likely is that these same investors could tell you how these winning positions […]