Greg Choi


Universal Basic Income — They Tried in California, Here’s the results

$500 bucks a month for those in Stockton California. How’d they fair? It’s been running for about 9 months now and here’s the breaddown:
people receiving the money have on average spent nearly 40% of it on food. About 24% went to sales and merchandise, which include places like Walmart and discount dollar stores that also sell groceries. Just over 11% went to utility bills, while more than 9% went to auto repairs and fuel.

Becoming an Overnight Billionaire

RxBar’s Founder talks about what it’s like to sell his 600 million dollar company and what is life like that afterwards. It’s not what you think and exactly what you think.

Mad Fientist Ramit Sethi Interview

What Ramit likes about FIRE (and what he doesn’t)