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The Importance of Happy Customers

I can make an argument that the most important aspect of any business is not marketing or sales. And it’s not product …

Financial independence and early retirement for the complete beginner

The FI/RE movement is about maximizing happiness, not just quitting your job

How to Become Financially Independent

Most of what you learned growing up about money, income, and wealth are not true.

Wesley Chan (Felicis Ventures) on the Spearhead Podcast

“I always try to say yes whenever I can, whether it’s an investment or helping or being engaged with the company even though I can’t get an investment through my partnership.” — Wesley Chan Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Wesley Chan went from founding Google Analytics and Google Voice at the tech giant to become a […]
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If you can’t explain your life’s purpose in 15 seconds or less, you might not have one

The longer it takes a person to explain a concept, the less that person tends to know…

Berkshire Hathaway star followed Warren Buffett’s advice: Read 500 pages a day

As he began his investing career, he read even more, sometimes hitting up to 1,000 pages a day.