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The Game of Life: Visualizing China’s Social Credit System

The Game of Life: Visualizing China’s Social Credit System In an attempt to imbue trust, China has announced a plan to implement …

New windfarms will not cost billpayers after subsidies hit record low

Cost of supporting offshore turbines drops to less than market price for electricity The UK’s next wave of offshore windfarms will generate …

6 Lessons You Can Learn from The King of the Jungle

Do you watch documentaries on lions? If yes, then you must have seen that they dominate their territory and are apex predators. …

5 Ways You Can Hire and Retain Top Talent for Your Company

Brought to you by Mercato: Gone are the days when it was easy for employers to retain their top talent. Until a …

3 Ways to Empower and Inspire the Next Generation of Women Leaders

Steps businesses should take to recruit, develop and retain top female talent.

3 Things to Know Before Cleaning Your Email List

Because validation is vital in generating fewer bouncebacks.

The matrix

  By Guest Blogger Doug Rowat It’s been a great year for markets and most investors could probably rhyme off their 2019 winners at the drop of a hat—“my junior mining stocks are killing it!” It’s fun to brag. However, what’s less likely is that these same investors could tell you how these winning positions […]

The Life-Changing Mindset That Leads Directly to Your Goals

Here’s how you can keep your mind focused and healthy during difficult times.

Investing Takes Capital, Judgment and Dealflow

Podcast: Apple · Spotify · Overcast · Download You need to raise money, develop judgement over time and gain access to the right deals Naval: The three things it takes to get into investing are capital, judgement and dealflow. Capital is the hardest or easiest to get—depending on your circumstances To get capital, either you […]
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Financial Samurai Regrets Selling His Online Business? True?

In 2003 I started a website for $1,000 and in 2010 I sold it for $2.8 million.