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12 Best Christian Tours 2021: Bus, Adventure & Pilgrimages

Christian tours are a perfect way to seek refuge from life pressures and reconnect with your spiritual side. If you want to replenish your faith and experience some of the world’s most treasured Christian sites, look no further.

Ford Parkway Bridge at Sunset – Connecting Minneapolis & Saint Paul

The Intercity Bridge, better known at the Ford Parkway Bridge or the 46th Street Bridge by residents) is one of the more iconic bridges in the state of Minnesota. The bridge connects Minneapolis and St Paul over the Mississippi River.

10 Best Breweries in Charleston, South Carolina

Ever thought about vacationing in South Carolina before? I didn’t either until I found out they have a massively growing beer culture! Although it may be hot during the summer months, Charleston is actually quite mild the rest of the seasons.

How to Find Christian Vacation Rentals

Is your desire to find some Christian vacation rentals for your next trip? You don’t need to worry.

How Do Sharks Help The Ecosystem?

While every organism has its benefits on the ecosystem, others have more effect than others. Today we look at sharks. How do sharks help the ecosystem?