3 Foolproof Ways You Can WIN in the Online Space

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Lets take a second and remind ourselves how revolutionary the Internet is… we can buy a $200 plane ticket, fly 18 hours away to a new place, and still have the connection to people back home (and around the world), as if we never left! But to experience this revolution, we first need to show up.

Showing up is 90% of the battle. If we show up, we can connect with others, express ourselves, share information, create memories, and incubate ideas. We can share laughter, spread joy, and transfer energy. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you are already on your way to understanding how you can WIN in the online space.

In this Influencers Exposed Podcast episode, Joel breaks down three foolproof ways you can win in the online space…ways that aren’t talked about as much but should be.

1. Embrace your vision as unique and authentic: There is only one you

You and your friend can walk into a bar with all variables the same (same outfit, intention, knowledge), but experience something completely different. Why? Because you’re two different people. It’s as simple as that.

The beauty of authenticity (a potentially cliché word that many might not thing they embody) is that your perspectives, your life experiences, and your emotions are the reasons why you and your friend will walk out of that bar having two completely different stories to tell.

Joel elaborates on this concept in the episode, sharing how this perspective has been a huge proponent as to how he gets over impostor syndrome while consistently sharing online. So the next time you want to post about something but already saw someone else talk about it, remember how your delivery and perspective of that information is unique and authentic to YOU. It will resonate with those who will most likely turn into followers and friends.

2. Shift from comparison to curiosity: Find the inspiration and greatness within others

Lets bring ourselves back to our childhood years where we questioned everything, asking, “Why?” so many times that our parents had no choice but to keep coming up with answers until we got tired. Well, fast forward to our adult years, why don’t we approach social media and those that are successful in our areas of interest in the same curious manner?

Instead of looking through your feed and comparing where they are, what they have, what they’re doing, or how happy they look compared to your current situation, Joel shares the question he asks himself to turn the tables.

“Where is the inspiration and greatness within them that I can find in myself? If I learn those things, would I be able to get to my vision sooner?”

I challenge you to ask yourself these questions next time you feel less than or unhappy while consuming someone’s content. You might just evolve from comparison to curiosity. Scarcity mindset to abundant mindset. Unhappy state of being to joyful and empowered state of being. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

3. Zero-structure sharing: Stop forcing it and just do it when it feels right

Oh the beauty and satisfaction in a cohesive feed. You know what I’m talking about… you go to someone’s profile (on Instagram) and the Lightroom presets are on point, every third picture is a quote, followed by a nice picture and vulnerable caption, and then another picture with an informative caption. It’s visually appealing, and your OCD is satisfied. But just like with anything else in this world, after a while, doing the same thing gets old, boring and uninspiring.

Joel shared his experience with this exact social media strategy and how it led to his current  ‘zero-structure sharing’ approach. He realized that his vulnerable captions were becoming a burden because they had to be scheduled, therefore feeling forced and less authentic. Since one of his core values in delivering content to his audience is to remain genuine and transparent, he broke the pattern.

The result? When inspiration or a moment of vulnerability struck, he would post about it. Whether it was three times a week or once every other week, Joel elaborated how much more effective this was through the feedback of his followers. Not only did this zero-structure sharing make Joel feel more in alignment with his message, but his followers and community benefited from it immensely as well!

Posting on a certain topic when it feels right is the most authentic and vulnerable we can get. It’s a bonus that it is most effective for others as well.

Listen to the full episode at the top of this article to hear even more from Joel about how you can kick-start your self-development journey, along with perspectives he never talked about until now.

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