A Chainsaw And Other September 2019 Expenditures

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A Chainsaw And Other September 2019 Expenditures

Winter is coming and every year, we spend a boatload (an actual, entire boat) of money in preparation. It might cost us less to just burn dollar bills to keep warm. This September was particularly expensive because quite a few non-annual expenses all hit at once. Expenses we incur every two years, every three years, every five years–somehow they all aligned in September 2019. So let’s get to it!

Winter Preparations = $$$$$$$ and also $

Since we live in the rural wilds of Vermont, we have a legit mandate to prepare ourselves for the snowy months ahead. Woe betides ye who does not accomplish this prep work before the snow flies. And I do mean woe.

Here’s what we spent in service of the impending snow:

1) Snow tires for two cars: $1,148.39 (an every three years expense)

It was time to buy new snow tires for both of our vehicles. 

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