Celebrating a Year of Wins, Firsts and Creating Memories Forever!

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Looking back at 2017, it was a crazy one to say the least.

I also worked super hard on completing my upcoming book Rise of the Youpreneur – as well as fulfilling a handful of speaking gigs, personal travels and not to mention, celebrating the birth of the newest duckling, Cassandra!

I also held two extra-special events, the last Tropical Think Tank in the Philippines and the inaugural Youpreneur Summit which was held in London – this was easily the biggest of all our accomplishments as a team at Youpreneur HQ (photo below shows the team on stage at the Queen Elizabeth Convention Centre).

But it wasn’t just myself that was chasing it down last year. Spending time in the Youpreneur Community and watching my fellow Youpreneurs really dedicate themselves to their businesses and their goals, has been such a privilege to watch and be part. I’m so incredibly proud of all our Youpreneurs which is why I wanted to take this time to really celebrate some of the biggest wins that we had as a community in 2017. Here have been some of the highlights.

Jeff McMahon ended the year strong by landing online marketing expert Amy Porterfield as a client and starting his certification program to help trainers all over the world do virtual personal fitness training with their own clients. He’s also started a women’s only safety course to help them with public, home and self defense.

Kelly Baader beta launched her Godly MBA Academy and earned over $30k in revenue while helping her members with huge breakthroughs. She’s also beta launched her Acceleration Mastermind Group, raised her one-on-one rate to $9,000 and to top it all off, became the first ever Youpreneur Community Leader. It’s been quite the year for Kelly!

Christine Draper has had a record year by increasing book sales, publishing her first non-verbal reasoning and publishing her first children’s picture book which the Dyspraxia Foundation has asked to promote.

Alison Pena was super busy in 2017. Starting her blog, Bad Widow (which now has over 80 posts) andShe also delved into the land of live streaming by presenting multiple Facebook Live’s shows. Couple that together with hiring her first VA and finally leveraging her time better, and she had a stormin’ year.

Louise Brogan’s top win was going to Downing Street as part of the UK top 100 small businesses along with launching her podcast and growing her Facebook page and email list.

Jake Hare hit $150k MRR (monthly recurring revenue) for his business Launchpeer, pre-sold his first course and made $7k, was interviewed by Andrew Warner for Mixergy and joined Youpreneur to catapult on his personal brand.

Adelaide Goodeve has had a busy year – both in business and personally, launching season two of her podcast, becoming a certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and scoring her first coaching clients, on top of becoming an Ironman and cross-country skiing across Svalbard for 9 days! I’m tired just thinking about all that.

Ramona Rice, our first Youpreneur of the Year awardee focused on building her community this year, while making enough to pay down serious debt and see major possibilities in her business for 2018.

Roberto Hernandez considers attending the first ever Youpreneur Summit one of his wins for 2017, along with hitting 30 episodes of The Unstarving Musician’s Podcast, as well as becoming more consistent with using the power of email to communicate with his audience.

As you can see, it’s been a great year for Youpreneurs and I’m still blown away by how they are still constantly working at growing their businesses and personal brands, even with these wins under their belts. I can’t wait to see what they get up to in 2018!

COMING SOON: Rise of the Youpreneur

As I mentioned, my new book, entitled Rise of the Youpreneur is almost upon us, and I am very excited. We’ve got lots of fun things planned to bring awareness to the worldwide release on February 20, 2018 – and the video below is the first of a small series of fun and insightful looks behind the scenes of what it’s taken to bring this book to the market.

If you’d like to be part of the launch, I’ve started a VIP Waitlist for the book which will get you early access to the book itself, along with lots of inside scoops and bonuses, as we celebrate the release of what will be a great book for entrepreneurs all around the world. Hop on the VIP Waitlist now, and join me ‘inside’ the launch over the next few weeks!

What were your most impressive wins of 2017? What do you have planned for this year? I’d love to hear from you – just reach out on Twitter and via Facebook.

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