How to Make Instagram Stories Work for You and Your Brand!

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When it first came on the scene, it was pretty easy to brush off Instagram Stories as another social media chore that many entrepreneurs didn’t want to bother with. It felt like a watered-down version of Snapchat that left many of us wondering if it was worth spending time on.

But since it has made its debut a year ago, ‘IG stories’ has become the clear favorite for online marketers everywhere and it’s getting pretty hard to ignore.

As entrepreneurs, we are always on the lookout for new ways to get our message out there and connect with our audiences. So if you feel like getting started with Instagram Stories or if you want to step your IG story game up, here are some basics that’ll show you how to make Instagram Stories work for you!

Instagram vs. Snapchat

Compared to Snapchat’s younger following, Instagram Stories holds a wider age demographic. It’s also friendlier for business owners, as it easily integrates with Facebook business pages to help drive engagement from one platform to another.

Complete Stories

Upload all your stories at the same time from your camera roll. Putting your stories out in a timely manner can help your followers complete your story and get its context without having to wait hours in between.

Brand Conscious

Stay conscious of your brand’s colors and look by using the customizable features such as the color palette, stickers, mentions and emojis to make your posts come alive.

Using Stickers

There are lots of stickers you can use to personalize your stories such as the time and temperature stickers. My personal favorite is the location sticker – it’s never failed to bring up engagement within the area I’m in! Just remember to use it when you feel comfortable about posting your location.

Insta Rule of Thumb

You will want to make sure your stories aren’t too long as you don’t want to overwhelm your audience and lose their attention. Unless a special occasion pops up like a live event that needs lots of coverage, you will probably want to stick to a 6-8 clip max each day.

Swipe-Up: Custom Links

‘Swipe Up’ story links are now available for business profiles, which is a great way to drive engaged visitors back to your main hubs, landing pages or even CTA’s. Click on the chain link icon at the top of your story to get started.

Instagram Story Ads

If you feel like your audience is truly on Instagram Stories, then you can explore IG stories advertisements to help spread your reach and increase conversions. Quick reminder, you’ll need to have your Facebook page and Instagram business profile linked to get started.

Direct Messages

This is a great way to apply the ‘P2P’ people to people approach with your followers. Don’t mute or ignore your DM inbox, send quick messages or even videos which can bring that extra-personal touch and make a world of difference when it comes to really building a relationship with your audience.

The best way to see how to make instagram stories work for you, your messages and to discover what they can do for you and your brand is to keep at it and to incorporate your own unique personality… and most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

Have you gotten started with Instagram Stories yet? Do you feel like it’s working for you and your audience? Let me if I might have missed out on any major tips on Twitter and via Facebook – I’d love to hear from you!

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