The Online Business Owners Guide to GDPR

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GDPR has been a hot topic issue for a few months now and is heating up even more as we get closer to deadline day – May 25, 2018.

There has been a lot of information published on GDPR that’s left many online business owners wondering where to start when it comes to compliance and if they should hit the panic button.

This video post is meant to serve as the online business owners guide to GDPR, or at the very least a simple overview of the subject, so that we can get to grips with it properly.

To get a clearer idea of what to expect, I sat down and chatted with small business law expert Suzanne Dibble to talk about the most frequently asked questions and to break down the common misconceptions and gray areas surrounding GDPR – with a special focus on everything that the online business owner has to be aware of.

During our discussion, we cover a lot of ground from how we should be handling the current data that we have, privacy notices and whether double opt-ins are mandatory to what we need to do when it comes to working with our overseas virtual teams and third-party companies that don’t seem to be compliant.

This is a advance publishing of a future Youpreneur FM podcast episode, as well as a Youpreneur Community workshop – it’s so important that I needed to make it available for ALL online friends now, before the May 25, 2018 deadline for compliance.

You can watch it, in full, below:

There seems to be a lot of fearmongering lately when it comes to GDPR and how it can affect our businesses. However, as I’ve been doing my own research and talking to experts in the industry, I’ve come to realize that these new changes are a good thing for both us online business owners and our audiences.


To get a hold of the GDPR Compliance Pack that myself and Suzanne talk about in this interview, just visit the link below, and please note I am an affiliate for this exclusive product from Suzanne, so if you do end up buying it (I highly recommend it) I will be paid a small commission.

Click here to check out Suzanne Dibble’s GDPR Compliance Pack

GDPR can give us a chance to build a stronger database of real and engaged followers based on trust and transparency. Sure, our lists will probably shrink a little, but wouldn’t you prefer having a cleaner and more solid list (even if it is smaller) to give you a  clearer idea of where your business stands and what you can do when it comes to re-evaluating marketing strategies?

Right now, getting GDPR-compliant might seem like a daunting task to prepare for but I’m sure many will agree with me that embracing the changes now will be well worth it in the long run. I hope that this online business owners guide to GDPR has proved helpful for you.

Disclaimer: The contents of this post and it’s embedded video should not be established as professional legal advice. It was put together for informational purposes only, and I strongly recommend you to seek independent legal advice, based on your own requirements as a business owner, to be super sure you end up fully complying with the GDPR.

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