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Mr. Wow and I Are Both Right: Part One

I’ve always been a big fan of Mr. Wow. When it comes to personal finance, he’s playing 4D chess while I’m playing checkers. And when it comes to the issue of healthcare, he’s playing 4D chess as well. The few times I’ve talked to him about the issue, he really opened my eyes to the … [Read more…]
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Sam from Financial Samurai Does an Analysis of What Income Level is Considered Rich in the United States

What Income Level Is Considered Rich? Answer: Depends on your age and where you live. But if you live in a tier 1 city and you are in your 30s making 200k+, then you’re probably Rich. See what other income bands you below

How One Person Created an Online Empire

Podcasting List and Search.
Really easy tool to use and how this contributed to as a side hustle

Meetup in India for Financial Independence Seekers!

We are demonstrating how technology has democratized many things and made equity investments in the US market accessible to anyone and not just the ultra-HNI category of investors.

Brought to you by Vested ( in association with Rise Mumbai and Wealth Cafe.

Financial Independence, Wealth, Freedom What does it mean?

What Does Independently Wealthy Mean? (Including How to Become)
Becoming independently wealthy takes time.
Luck and hard work and both at the same time seems to be the best formula for doing this.
This article also gives you some questions to ask to help you determine if you’re considered wealthy in your context or situation.

7 Money Excuses That May Be Preventing You from Reaching Financial Independence

Financial freedom is something that everyone wants. However, very few people are able to reach financial independence and retire early. Most of …

Liquid Net Worth: What it is, Why it Matters, and How to Calculate It

Most people have heard of the term net worth and many also have a good understanding of it and what it means. …

We are Officially A “Movement”

We made it on a Wikimedia page. That’s what FIRE is all about anyway. Early FIRE, Rich FIRE, we all want to make it and we all do it in our own way. We have 9-5s, we have inheritances, we have side hustles. Never forget your goals which is not about the pursuit of money, but the pursuit of whatever you want once you achieve your FIRE number. Keep tight and let’s do it together.

Playing with FIRE – The Documentary

How far would you go for Financial Freedom?