Living in a Tech Hub Is Half the Battle

Podcast: Apple · Spotify · Overcast · Download It’s a gold rush era in technology hubs like Silicon Valley Naval: We’re living through a unique time when, as Andreessen says, software is eating the world. We’re undergoing a phase shift where technology is being adopted by everybody, not just knowledge workers. This transition has created […]
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Joshua M. Brown Financial Advisor on Success and Happiness

Learning how to live, work and serve from one of the industry’s biggest success stories.

Strong Opinions, Loosely Held

Podcast: Apple · Spotify · Overcast · Download This is not investment advice; it’s just one unique approach to investing Naval: Now, this is the Internet and this is America, so we have to give you some disclaimers. Angel investing is a great way to lose your money. There’s an old quip, “How do you […]
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Trader Used this Technique to Save Millions

For Steven Dux, extreme success in day trading has led to a YouTube fan base of stock-market investors and penny-stock traders.

How to Angel Invest

Podcast: Apple · Spotify · Overcast · Download A new podcast with advice for angels in technology hubs Naval: Hey everybody, it’s Naval and Nivi. We’re going to talk about something very different than what we’ve discussed in the past. Back in the day, we did Venture Hacks, which was all about the game theory […]
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Sam from Financial Samurai Does an Analysis of What Income Level is Considered Rich in the United States

What Income Level Is Considered Rich? Answer: Depends on your age and where you live. But if you live in a tier 1 city and you are in your 30s making 200k+, then you’re probably Rich. See what other income bands you below

US Centric. How to Avoid a Big Capital Gains Tax Bill

Capital Gains tax in US is 0%, 15%, 20% for most people
In here there are detailed tables of how they apply to each person and each tax year
There are some tax exceptions that this article highlights
Some strategies include rebalancing to name just one. There are more tax advice strategies to help the average FIRE investor.

Visualizing the Life Cycle of a Mineral Discovery

Visualizing the Life Cycle of a Mineral Discovery Mining legend Pierre Lassonde knows a little bit about mineral exploration, discovery, and development. …

stREITwise Offers an Easy Way to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

This post is sponsored by stREITwise. All opinions are my own. When you’re evaluating different investment possibilities there are a lot of …