Private Equity

Private Equity Run Amok?

Where is private equity today? Is there too much money chasing too few deal? Are valuations going through the roof? Is the risk-reward profile work it at this point for even HNW investors? Find out!

Over the Past 3 Years, Seed Investments Have Declined — Why?

Chang Xu and Mark Suster explore this trend
Seems like Deals less than $5 million dollars have dried up a bit)
One reason is that IPOs of late have funnel monies there rather than on the lower end
Money is chasing quality companies now rather than perhaps companies that are not “best-in-class”

Unbounded Potential Markets

Talks about WeWork and Uber
Gives an example of how these companies look for larger markets to serve
I find that it helps me understand how to find better business opportunities if I learned how the best did it.