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Beautiful Snow Drive at Sunset [4K HD]

Join us on a virtual drive the snow covered woods in Minnesota during a winter sunset. There’s nothing better than a sunny day after a blizzard where the sun glistens off the fresh powder of snow.

Top 10 Things to do in Minneapolis

Organic eateries, chic art museums, bustling rock clubs, and trendy theaters – Minneapolis has all the trappings of a progressive, forward-thinking city. Here, there’s always something exciting happening in every corner. These are some of the best things to do in Minneapolis.

Top 15 World’s Largest National Parks You Won’t Believe Exist

Despite the wanton destruction of nature by humans, we live in a planet that is unparalleled for its natural beauty. The world’s largest national parks are home to the most spectacular landscapes of Earth.

Franconia Sculpture Park Tour

Right in the middle of nowhere is the Franconia Sculpture Park. It was on my list to visit after seeing some Instagrammable photos of various sculptures within the park.

How to Plan the Ultimate Girls Weekend in San Francisco | Top Things to Do for a Getaway

San Francisco has a unique charm for girls with various shopping venues, spas, and chic cocktail bars.

Freelance Photography 101: How to Make Your Side Hustle Full-Time

The world of freelancing has been getting bigger and bigger. If you have skills behind a camera and you’re ready to go full-time, then you came to the right place.

Stillwater Lift Bridge (Bridge 4654)

Watching the historic Stillwater Lift Bridge in action on a sunny day in Minnesota.
The Stillwater Lift Bridge carries State Highway 36 over the St. Croix River between Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota, and Houlton, Wisconsin. Constructed in 1931, the 10-span bridge includes six steel Parker through truss spans, one movable span of the type commonly known as a “Waddell and Harrington vertical lift,” and three concrete slab approach spans.

How to Determine the Typical Rate of Return on a Website

Calculating the exact website investing returns can be very complex. The first step to finding your website’s rate of return is to know what type of website you run

7 Ways for Teachers to Make Extra Money

If you are a teacher and have enough free time after school hours, there are plenty of ways for teachers to make extra money. We have listed some of the easiest in this article.

10 Best Minnesota State Parks

Much of the Minnesota landscape is studded with natural beauty – around 227,000 acres of parks and recreation areas to be exact.