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Wit & Wisdom Wednesday: Exercise, Active, & Sweat

Can you use your wisdom to solve this witty riddle? Focus on exercise, active, and sweat and you’ll solve it! Click the title to see the answer!

The Slight Saga of a Salty Sailor

5 life hacks from a salty sailor which took an unexpected turn into a slight saga about how our hardest experiences contain our most valuable life lessons.

How to Make Money by Posting Ads Online and Offline

Are there legit ways to earn money by posting ads? The answer is yes, but there are also some scams that you need to avoid. This article shows how you can tell the difference.

Envato Elements Is It A Legit Way to Get Stock Videos?

I believe that every creative can benefit from having an Envato Elements subscription. It offers exceptional value for money. For just $33 per month or $199 per year, you can get unlimited downloads from an extensive library of almost 2,5 millions of digital assets. The library contains everything that a creator might need: stock footage, photos, video templates, graphics, fonts, Wordpress plugins, themes, and more.

May the Money Challenge Be With You

The results of my May money challenge turned into a journey that was rife with light sabers, Jedi’s, and the dark side. Or maybe not.