The Ultimate Financial Independence Mindset Guide

I created this hack by accident, well kind of. I didn’t have a good night’s sleep and so I wrote all in a haze (sometimes the best experiences come from those.)

But it wasn’t done overnight, I read widely all the greats but especially reading, watching, listening to Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger of their investing edge but also their philosophy on life and how to achieve financial freedom.

Munger himself was consumed by the this at the start of his career and before he met Buffett, he was what was called someone who is seeking, what we all all seeking on this Forum — to be Financially Independence, Retiring Early. He achieved it and is probably one of the most well documented and famous people to have done without being coming from serious “money”.

One of my favorite stories he tells and seems to tell again and again in many interviews and board meetings like Berkshire Hathaway’s (which I watch live every year) and the other company he sits on is the story of Mozart. Check it out here:

So, it’s a warning to us all really. It’s a parable that says, look we can only look so far into other people and waste time on understanding their situation to help improve ours. So simple but so powerful to understand. So this forum, the Financial Independence Forum is used as a starting point to see how other people did it, not necessarily a forum to learn about tactics, quick fixes.

What Munger is saying is that it’s a mindset, a drive, a desire and a focus on execution that matters most. And also what important is what I’ve discovered or rather have evolved into my way of thinking of the blueprint to find your own financial independence, not in my way, but in your own way.

Find your own way, follow our podcast and listen to the stories of others not for a blueprint but to be inspired that we are a community all seeking to find the voice, and uncover the hidden talents, the suppressed passions, the tired and exhausted ways of how previous things were done and to open up to who we truly are.

When we bring that to the world, like Munger’s story of Mozart says, we can then realize that we should be asking ourselves or well, you’ll see in this hack what I mean.

Enjoy reading and welcome your feedback as always if this can help you, like it is helping me.

It’s not the only tool, but again one of the things that I continue to evolve and combines many things I’ve read to help you find your own way to FIRE.

“Staying within your lane” + circle of competence

An IQ Test of Sorts

Finding ways to uncover your boundaries. One way to do this is through an IQ test.

But don’t look to what you’re good at, remember to invert. Knowing the boundaries makes your more powerful in knowing what to do in your career, your entrepreneurship path and side hustle — whatever you put your mind to.

Personality Tests

Most personality tests and I’ve been obsessed with them so I know, they fill this hole in you to know who you are. It feels good to feel special in a way, and so knowing your personality makes me feel unique amongst others.

Others do these tests to know what their style is in relation to others. This is helpful, but remember to also always invert and to know that there are so many facets to everyone else that they communicate, think, feel so differently than you. That’s the key to keep in mind as you keep looking for your circles of competence by finding those boundaries first.

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